Together, we can serve those
who serve us

The Blue Phoenix Initiative was created to help injured police officers who suffer from emotional and financial distress.

What We Do

The Blue Phoenix Initiative

The Blue Phoenix Initiative is dedicated to bringing support and awareness to the silent suffering that police officers endure due to severe work-related injuries and traumatic events.

We have established a network to unite police officers to their communities like never before. By joining, you will be notified when an officer in your community has been injured and needs support.

Your generous donations will help us provide these services for officers in need.



Injured police officers placed on workers compensation on average will receive between 60 – 66% of their pay, while out of work.

In 2019, there were 17,188 police officers injured from being
assaulted, according to the FBI.

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In 2019, there were 228 police officers who died from suicide,
according to Blue H.E.L.P.

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We believe emotional support can impact mental health in a positive way. Through our community initiative program, we are providing emotional support to officers in need. We are also proud collaborators with the “All Clear Foundation”, a non-profit organization that offers a plethora of resources for first responders. This includes a unique access to a nationwide peer support group and resources to assist with mental health wellness. [Click the banner to learn more about this organization]

Join The Phoenix Initiative Program

The Phoenix Initiative Program is a joint effort between police agencies and communities. Through this initiative, police agencies and the communities they serve will come together like never before.


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– Citizens join to be connected

Join below to be notified when injured officers in your area need support. You can offer your support in the form of a get-well card, care package, and or prayer.

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Severe work-related injuries can create financial hardships, disabilities, and mental health concerns for police officers. According to the FBI, in 2019 there were 56,034 police officers assaulted while performing their duties. Out of those assaulted, 17,188 sustained injures.


Addressing mental health can truly save the lives of those officers who suffer in silence. Police officers are exposed to an overwhelming number of repeated stressors. These stressors come in the form of traumatic events, violent encounters, negative public image, extended work hours, shift work, departmental strife, and maintaining a healthy work life balance.


Suicide still remains the leading cause of death by police officers in America. In 2019, there were 228 police officers that died from suicide. Among the 228 officers about 90% were male and approximately 25% were veterans according to data released by Blue H.E.L.P. By not acting, we act to fail and failure is not an option.